Thursday, September 30, 2010

Canceled Until Further Notice

Hasn't worked out with the numbers as I'd hoped so you'll just have to get a map and go on your own adventure! Stay tuned for future adventures.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ride Dates and Format

Ride Dates:
Aug. 20th
Sept. 3rd
Oct. 15th CANCELED

Landpath's Willow Creek State Park Orientation, Occidental Community Center: 4:30-5:00
This is mandatory for all riders who have not already attended an orientatation.
Ride from Occidental to locked gate at top of Willow Creek road: 5:00-5:30
Ride begins 5:30-? All riders must begin in Occidental. No parking on Willow Creek!

All riders must sign a waiver and pay $10. The ride will be timed for those who wish to use the ride for training. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to take their time, stop and enjoy the land. There will be no water, food or first aid on the trails. Bring all necessary tools including spare tubes, pump, patch kit etc. The loop should take between 1 1/2 to 3 hrs. and can be shortened for those who wish to ride a shorter loop.
See map for route.
Turns will be marked with pink and orange ribbons. All four rides will follow the same route. Yield to hikers and equestrians.
Decend Willow Creek and turn right to Upper Old Barn Trail. Climb 2-3 minutes then left and down Bypass Trail. Fast descent to Willow Creek. Rt. on Willow Creek Rd. Turn Right on Lower Old Barn Trail and climb to top of Ridge. aka "Patty Glenn's Hayfield". Left on ridge past Fern Tree and Badger Hill. Rt. on Full Monty, fast single track downhill. Trail suddenly Ts into Pressure Drop. Turn Rt. Steep Climb. Climb all the way to ridge. Continue East on Ridge and descend Lower Old Barn Trail to Willow Creek. Climb Willow Creek Road to gate. Celebrate! Ride Coleman Vly to Occidental. You did it!

Logistics and additional message to riders:

o Permits are required to ride. LandPaths will lead a slightly abridged ½ hour orientation starting promptly at 4:30.

o Orientations are being advertised as specific to bikers but everyone is welcom

o Everyone must sign LandPaths liability form and additional waiver

o This is a ride as an optional, unguided part of an orientation, not a race

o This is a rigorous route, with steep grades both on Coleman Valley Road and in the park

o Everyone will stay on the mapped route

o Nobody parks at Upper Willow Creek as part of these rides

o Nobody rides on MRC land. LandPaths is working with MRC to develop permit for access program for all. If you don’t have a CURRENT MRC permit in your hand or pocket, don’t ride there. Trespassing in the next few months will jeopardize future access.

o Orientations are meant for educational purpose. State Parks has asked LandPaths to continue these orientations because State doesn’t have money to manage access and stewardship. Without these, State Parks would close Willow Creek.

o We need your help! LandPaths is not in the permit business. Our goal is a community-powered, open park, but we need to help State Parks with a trails plan in order to get there. State parks has committed to a trails plan process over the next 2 years (yes, these things take a long time). We will need your voice, your hands for trail maintenance and construction, and your $$.

o Support Prop 21 (vehicle license fee) in November to help State Parks budget (

Friday Night Rides

Gianni Bike Club will host a series of Friday evening rides starting Friday August 20th. Gianni Cyclery was opened by Tom Gonnella in 1990 in the town of Occidental and became famous for the cult mountain bike races "The Ring of Fire". It is in the Macarroni Mountains that local legends Roger Bartels and George Hope learned to ride. It's what brought Duncan Meyers back from Colorado and forced Glenn Fant to put gears on his bike. They are the mountains where I met my wife in and the mountains where Sasquatch sired his first child. In other words, they are the mountains of legends. These hills were purchased by the California State Parks and Willow Creek access is being managed by Landpaths. Access to Willow Creek State Park is at Freezout Road, Coleman Valley Road or Upper Willow Creek. Hiker, bikers and equestrians must go through an orientation program with Landpath's leaders and will be given a combination to the locked gate at Freezout road if they with to start there. It is our goal as concerned mountain bikers to promote responsible riding within the State Park and prevent accidental trespassing and individuals getting lost.

Mountain bikers should ride their bikes from Occidental or Duncan's Mills. Traffic at the top of Willow Creek has caused safety issues and tension with neighbors. Uninformed mountain bikers have been biking adjacent MRC property. The ride from Occidental to Willow Creek State Park takes between 15-30 minutes and is a nice warm-up. Yes, Coleman Valley is a climb but isn't that why you're on your bike? See "Ride Dates and Format" for more information.